When I think about this day, I don’t think so much about the history and the politics. I think about Becky and Myrna, and their joy together as they walked down the aisle. I think of Richard and Dean, who will celebrate together in a beautiful ceremony in North Carolina. I think of Michael and… Read More Today


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I am often asked why I (a straight woman) care so much about the LGBT community and why I work with the Gay Christian Network (GCN). This question comes from both straight people and from members of the LGBT community in a slightly different way: “We’re glad you’re here, but…

The World, Gay Rights, and The Pope

Finally. This was the sentiment I encountered on Monday as the Pope’s statement addressing LGBT rights echoed throughout the globe.  Facebook and Twitter lit up with comments, ecstatic posters praising a potential new direction in the church. For people involved in the global movement for LGBT rights, the Pope’s statement was nothing short of astonishing. … Read More The World, Gay Rights, and The Pope

Fuller and DOMA

Today at Fuller we discussed same-sex marriage.  Dr. Mark Labberton, Fuller’s new president, administered a panel discussing some of the most recent decisions by the Supreme Court, specifically the decision to overturn DOMA and allow same-sex marriages to continue in the state of California.  The room was packed. Near every seat was filled with students,… Read More Fuller and DOMA