Talking About Music About God, Part 1

So important for churches to not emphasize performance, but unity and care in worship.

Rebecca Farlow


Like it or not, music and church are inextricably linked together. Where else are you asked to randomly sing with a bunch of strangers? Ok, maybe at a bar. Or a really happening party. But you can expect corporate singing at most churches.

Why does it matter to me? Well, I love singing, and I love… I almost said “the church,” but that doesn’t really hold true for me right now. At least not the narrow definition we usually apply to “the church.” I do love Jesus, though. So I love singing, I love Jesus, and I love helping people sing to and about him. That’s a lot of loves, so you can imagine that I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, and so I do. I’ve labeled this Part 1 because I know I can’t fit them all into one post.

I have this crazy idea that 

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